The Nine Types

ONE: Strict Perfectionist (Conscientious, Perfectionist, Critical, Controlled)
Strong sense of right and wrong, believing that things are not worth doing if not done correctly. Key motivations include doing the right thing, avoiding mistakes, working towards self-improvement and self-control.

TWO: Considerate Helper (Caring, Generous, Friendly, Warm-Hearted)
Self-worth invested in ability to be supportive and reliably available to people close to you. Key motivations include being helpful and dependable, providing for the needs of others, anticipating people’s needs.

THREE: Competitive Achiever (Ambitious, Focused, Adaptable, Shrewd)
Your action-orientation and ambition combine to push you towards getting things done and achieving success in life Key motivations include achieving goals, presenting image that supports what success means to you, being productive, performance.

FOUR: Intense Creative (Creative, Intense, Emotional, Expressive)
Deep connection to emotions with a desire to live a meaningful, authentic life of self-expression. Key motivations include being authentic and expressing individuality, being attuned and true to your emotions, making a difference.

FIVE: Quiet Specialist (Private, Cerebral, Detached, Curious)
In trying to objectively understand the world, you explore concepts and acquire in-depth knowledge. Key motivations include making sense of the world, conserving resources, avoiding dependence, pursuit of knowledge.

SIX: Loyal Skeptic (Cautious, Loyal, Anxious, Alert)
Very aware of threats and what can go wrong, you are careful about who you trust and work towards creating safety and stability. Key motivations include creating stability and safety, protecting yourself, avoiding threats and risks, being loyal and responsible.

SEVEN: Enthusiastic Visionary (Optimistic, Spontaneous, Keen, Uninhibited)
Actively seeking enjoyment and stimulation, you are future-focused, active and positive in your approach to life. Key motivations include avoiding boredom and pain, experiencing the possibilities of life, pursuing interests and pleausure, freedom.

EIGHT: Active Controller (Assertive, Direct, Decisive, Self-Assured)
You expand your influence by firmly taking charge of situations and focusing on results and not holding back. Key motivations include being strong and in control, avoiding weakness and vulnerability, making things happen, making decisions.

NINE: Adaptive Peacemaker (Easy-going, Non-Aggressive, Accommodating, Patient)
Patiently working to create a harmonious environment, you go with the glow while being aware of others. Key motivations include promoting harmony and peace, getting input from others, creating comfort and routines, avoiding conflict.